This is What the Indian Visa for Latvian Citizens Look Like

This article offers an inside look at the Indian visa experience for Latvian citizens traveling to India. Learn about the process, what to expect on arrival, and how to make the best of your trip!

What is a Latvian Visa?

Indian Visa for Latvian Citizens can visit India for tourism or for business purposes with a visa. Latvian visas are valid for three months and can be obtained from a Latvian embassy or consulate in India. There is no need to apply for a visa in advance, but you must have an onward ticket and proof of funds. You will also need a passport-sized photo and a visa application form. The cost of a Latvian visa is currently €30.

How do you get a Latvian Visa?

If you are a citizen of India and you want to visit Latvia, you will need to apply for a Latvian visa. The visa application process is fairly simple and can be completed online. The requirements for a Latvian visa are as follows:

– Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your planned departure from Latvia.

– You must have a return ticket or proof of funds to return to India.

– You must have evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Latvia.

– You must provide a letter of invitation from a close friend or family member who resides in Latvia.

The application process can take up to 10 days to complete, so make sure you have all the required documents prepared before beginning the process. Once your application is complete, you will need to send it along with the required payment information to the Latvian embassy in your home country.

Types of Indian Visas

There are various types of Indian visas that Latvian citizens can apply for, depending on their nationality and the purpose of their visit to India. For example, a Latvian citizen may need a tourist visa if they are visiting India for tourism purposes only. They may also need a business visa if they are traveling to India to conduct business activities there. If the Latvian citizen is intending to stay in India for an extended period of time, they may need a work visa. There are also special long-term visas available for people with humanitarian or medical reasons who need to stay in India for an extended period of time. Indian Visa for Malaysian Citizens

How it Works

The Indian visa for Latvian citizens is straightforward and easy to obtain. All you need to do is visit an Indian embassy or consulate in your home country and provide your passport and visa application form. You will then be given a visa stamp in your passport, which entitles you to stay in India for up to 30 days.

Pros and Cons of an Indian Visa

The Indian visa for Latvian citizens is a great way to visit India and experience the country’s rich culture. However, there are a few pros and cons to consider before applying. Here are the top reasons why an Indian visa might be a good option for you:

Pros of an Indian Visa for Latvian Citizens

  1. Easy to obtain – The Indian visa is easy to get, and no special requirements are required. All you need is a passport and valid visa application form.
  2. Flexible – The Indian visa allows for a lot of flexibility when traveling to India. You can choose which cities you want to visit, how long you want to stay, and what type of tourism you would like to undertake.
  3. Great value – The Indian visa is a great value, especially when compared with other visas available in the international market. It is also valid for multiple entries into India over the course of your visit, which makes it ideal for travelers who want to explore more than one city during their trip.
  4. Cultural experiences – Visiting India will give you the opportunity to experience some of the country’s greatest cultural attractions, including Mumbai (the financial capital of India) and Delhi


If you are a Latvian citizen and looking to travel to India, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Indian visa requirements. While the process of obtaining an Indian visa is not difficult, it is important to have all of your paperwork in order before you go so that there are no surprises when you arrive. Additionally, keep in mind that the currency in India is the rupee, rather than Latvia’s euro or lati. This means that some basic financial preparations may be necessary if you plan on traveling extensively throughout India. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about traveling to India or applying for a Latvian visa.