Indian Visa on Arrival: 6 Steps To Apply For An Indian Tourist Visa Online

With just a few clicks, you can apply for an Indian tourist visa online. By doing so, you’ll avoid the stress and hassle that comes with applying for an Indian visa in person.

Steps to Apply for an INDIAN TOURIST VISA

If you are planning a trip to India, you will need to apply for an Indian tourist visa. There are several steps you need to take in order to apply for this visa. INDIAN VISA APPLICATION ONLINE

The first step is to gather all of the documentation you will need. This includes your passport, a copy of your visa application form, and your passport photo. You should also bring any other documents that may be needed, such as evidence of hotel reservations or car rental reservations.

Once you have gathered all of the necessary documents, you can start the online application process. The application process is straightforward and can be completed in minutes. You will need to provide your name, address, date of birth, and other contact information. You will also need to upload all of the documents you gathered in Step 1.

If everything is complete and accurate, you will receive a response from the Indian embassy within a few days. If everything is correct, you will then need to gather additional documentation before traveling to India. This documentation may include a valid passport photo and copies of your flight tickets. Once you have these documents, you can travel to India and begin your vacation!

Important Dates to remember when applying for your INDIAN VISA

If you are planning a trip to India, it is important to keep in mind the important dates when applying for your Indian tourist visa. Here are the dates to remember: INDIAN VISA ON ARRIVAL

– January 1st – The date India officially becomes a republic

– April 30th – The deadline for all tourist visas

– July 5th – The last day to apply for an Indian tourist visa online

If you are not able to apply online, you can still apply at a consulate or embassy in your home country. However, these applications can take longer to process. You should also make sure you have the following documents ready when applying:

– A passport with at least six months validity left

– A valid visa from your home country

– Proof of funds (a bank statement, for example) in the amount of $2500 USD or equivalent

– Your passport photo

If you are unable to apply online, you will need to go to a local embassy or consulate and fill out an application form. Make sure you bring the following documents with you:

– Your passport copy and two recent photos (taken within the last six months) of yourself

– A photocopy of your passport page that shows your full name and date

Indian Visa on Arrival

If you are planning to visit India for tourism, you will need an Indian tourist visa. There are several ways to apply for an Indian visa online.

The easiest way to apply for an Indian visa is to use the online application system provided by the Indian Embassy or Consulate. This system allows you to submit your application online and pay the processing fee using a credit or debit card. You will also receive a confirmation email containing all the details of your application.

If you want to apply for an Indian visa in person, you can visit the Indian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. However, this process is more complicated and requires additional documents, such as a passport photo. If you are applying for an Indian tourist visa, you will not be required to have a visa extension.

Alternatives to the INDIAN TOURIST VISA

If you are looking for an alternative to the Indian tourist visa, you may want to consider applying for a visa through a travel agency. This option is usually quicker and easier than applying online, and you will usually have more flexibility with the types of visas available.

Another alternative to the Indian tourist visa is to apply for a tourist visa at a local embassy or consulate. This option is usually more expensive than applying online, but it may be faster and easier if you have documentation ready. You can also find embassies and consulates in major cities around the world.

Whatever route you choose, be sure to research the requirements carefully before applying. The Indian tourist visa is one of the most complex visas in the world, and mistakes can easily lead to problems.


If you are planning a trip to India and want to visit the country without any hassles, then applying for an Indian tourist visa online is the best option for you. This article will walk you through the steps of applying for an Indian tourist visa online, and it should not take more than 30 minutes to complete. If all goes well, your visa application will be processed within 2-3 weeks and you will be able to travel to India as a tourist!