Iceland’s New Visa Policy For India: What You Should Know

Iceland is one of the most popular countries for tourists who come to Europe, but did you know that Iceland has a new policy for Indian citizens? In order to take advantage of Iceland’s travel opportunities, India’s government has begun issuing visas to Iceland citizens. With this new visa policy in place, Icelanders can travel freely throughout India without any hassle.

What does Iceland Think about Indian Visa for Iceland Citizens?

Iceland has announced that it will be allowing Indian citizens to obtain visas on arrival starting from January 1, 2019. This new policy comes as a result of increased diplomatic and economic ties between the two countries. Indian Visa for Finland Citizens

This new visa policy will only be available to Indian citizens who are traveling for business or tourism purposes and must have proof of a valid passport and an onward ticket. Citizens of other countries who wish to visit Iceland must first apply for a visa at an Icelandic embassy or consulate abroad.

The cost of a visa is €50 (USD 58) for up to 90 days and €100 (USD 126) for up to six months. The application process is straightforward and can be done online. If you are travelling with children, you will need to provide copies of their birth certificates, passports, and vaccination records.

How can you get an Icelandic Visa for India?

If you are looking for an Iceland Visa for India, the process is now a lot simpler. Previously, you had to apply through the Icelandic embassy in your home country. However, starting from October 1st, 2017, all Iceland Visa applications will be processed through the Icelandic consulate in Mumbai. This way, applicants can save time by dealing with one single point of contact. Furthermore, the consulate is equipped with modern technology and has more resources than the embassy. Indian Visa for Iceland Citizens

To apply for an Iceland Visa at the consulate in Mumbai, you will need to have your passport with you when you go to fill out an application form. You will also need to provide photocopies of your identification documents (passport and ID card), as well as your visa application form. After completing the application form and providing all required documentation, you will be asked to pay a processing fee of USD 100. Finally, you will be given a receipt that confirms your application has been submitted.

If you are not eligible for a tourist visa but still want to visit Iceland, you may be able to apply for an business visa instead. This type of visa allows visitors who are travelling for business purposes only and does not allow them to stay longer than three months in Iceland per visit. To apply for a business visa at the consulate in Mumbai, you will need to provide evidence that your trip is related to business and that you have sufficient funds available to cover your expenses while visiting Iceland. Indian Visa for Greek Citizens

Why is the Indian Visa for Iceland Citizens so Expensive and what are some Alternatives to this policy?

The Icelandic visa policy for citizens of India has been a bit of a hot topic lately, as the cost of obtaining a visa has become increasingly prohibitive for many travelers. The good news is that there are several alternatives to this policy if you’re looking to visit Iceland. Here are three:

  1. Apply for a tourist visa. This can be done through the Icelandic embassy or consulate in your home country, and will generally cost less than applying for a business or residence visa. However, you will still need to provide proof of relationship and adequate financial resources to cover your stay in Iceland.
  2. Use an online service like Visa Express. These services allow you to apply for a visa online, and often offer reduced processing times and lower fees than traditional embassy or consulate applications. You’ll need to provide your passport information, travel dates, and other required documentation, but these services can save you considerable time and money compared to using the embassy or consulate themselves. Indian Visa for Israeli Citizens
  3. Travel without a visa. This option is not recommended unless you have extensive experience traveling without visas overseas, as it can be illegal and risky to do so in Iceland without proper documentation. If you choose this route, be sure to research the legal implications of doing so before traveling abroad.


If you’re an Indian traveller planning to visit Iceland, you’ll need to be aware of the new visa policy that has been put in place by the Icelandic authorities. Under this new policy, travellers from India will only be granted a temporary visa if they have a confirmed ticket and are travelling for tourism purposes only. This means that people travelling for business or other reasons will not be eligible for a visa under this new policy.